Orthodox Christianity and Mosaic Law

I was thinking of writing a post on the relation of Orthodox Christianity and the Mosaic Law, but theorthodoxbrit has already done it.

To attack Christians for not keeping the Mosaic Law is absurd.  Christians are not and never have been under the Law of Moses.  This was an issue in the early Church, when some of the Jewish Christians began to put forward the idea that the Gentile converts needed to also follow the Jewish Laws.  The matter was decisively settled by the Apostles, mainly Peter and Paul: No, Christians are not bound by the Mosaic Law.  There are parts of the Mosaic Law which Christ reaffirmed, which are absolutely binding on Christians (e.g. the prohibition against idolatry) and others which Christ explicitly abrogates (e.g. the dietary laws).  Not even Orthodox Jews are bound by the parts of the Law of Moses that apply only to civil matters of the ancient Hebrew nation.

One would have to be colossally ignorant of the Christian faith not to know this, or else colossally arrogant enough to attempt to instruct Christians on the “proper” way to practice their faith in direct contradiction to the teaching of the Apostles.


Read, learn, enjoy.

Musings of an Orthodox Brit


Many Anti-theists see it as an easy attack on Christianity to pick up that we condemn many practices which are labelled as unclean by Mosaic Law, and are therefore must either accept all of Mosaic Law or reject it. The following note is taken from a response I gave to this very question earlier today and analyses the problem with this Straw Man attack on Christianity and its relation to mosaic Law.

A first key point is that the use of laws such as Leviticus’ condemnation of Homosexuality, as well as many others is a Protestant one, which also stems from a corrupted understanding of the Incarnation and the nature of the Church. it is also condemned in the New Testament by St Paul, though as Christians we would not punish it with death, as that is not the Law.

Firstly, the Old testament, from a Christian position, can only…

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