Last Eden Blog Update

Hello all,

I’ve gotten into the probably bad habit of supposing blog posts should all be essays, which means that I can’t use my blog for random musing, or comments, or other such things.

Which is why I haven’t written anything for so long. If it isn’t essay-worthy, I don’t write, and I don’t always feel up to a full essay.

I’m going to try to get over this and use my blog for a greater variety of things, so you’ll have something to read.




4 comments on “Last Eden Blog Update

  1. Andrew Brew says:



  2. theofloinn says:



  3. Jonas says:

    Cool. Eventhough I find your philosophy the most interesting 🙂 Maybe you could write a little more on the argument from contingency, or defend it against objections in detail? Like, the Hume-Edwards-objection, or defend it from the implications that Spinozists draw from it (determinism), through the modal collapse


  4. cameronwg says:

    Grading papers? Merry Christmas Eve, and thank you for the free lessons.


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